Clay Soap Package

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• Naturally Cleans the Skin by Absorbing Pollutants
• Restores the Skin's Natural pH Balance
• Helps Heal Wounds and Many Skin Ailments

The Natural Clay Soaps combine Healing Clay with natural and organic plant essential oils, shea butters and herbal extracts. Most commercial soaps are made from chemical Sulfates, lard or tallow, known to damage and cause irritation to the skin. All of our Clay Soaps are 100% Vegan and contain no parabens, sulfates, or artificial ingredients. They gently cleanse and keep the skin hydrated.

Any three available soaps will be in the package.

Dream Cloud - Featured Ingredient - Tangerine essential oil

Sunrise - Featured Ingredient - Cucumber Seed Oil 

Blue Sky - Featured Ingredient -  Pineapple Oil

Wind - Featured Ingredient - Tea Tree Oil  

Mountain Rain - Featured Ingredient - Lavender essential Oil 

MoonDance Clay Soap For Sensitive Skin - Fragrance Free

Directions: Apply to face and body, then rinse off.

Active Ingredients: Calcium Montmorillonite Clay and various Essential Oils